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Mowing Tips: Tips For Tackling Long Grass

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Vacation, heavy rainfall or simply lack of motivation can all factor in as to why your grass overgrown. But no matter the reason, you have to deal with the long grass. Cutting long grass with your push mower is not a simple task because the grass may clog the blades of the mower and slow down your speed. So what can you do to make the job a little bit easier?

Adjust the Height Of Your Mower

To cut the long grass properly, begin by raising the height of your mower to the highest possible setting.  Then give your grass a cut by following the 1/3 rule of grass mowing. The 1/3 rule simply states that you shouldn't cut away more than a third of the grass height in one single mowing. If the grass clippings are still long and heavy, even after you have raised your mower's height, you can catch them using a bagging unit.

Two to three days after making the first cut, mow the grass once more but at a lower setting. Also observe the 1/3 rule when cutting the grass at lower height.

Opt For A Flail Mower

If, however, you want the job done quickly, opt for a flail mower. Instead of blades, a flail mower uses flails to cut the grass. Flails are short pieces of metals that work by beating and breaking the grass off. These metals or knives swing freely as they rotate around a horizontal axis cutting the grass in a cylindrical pattern.

To use a flail mower effectively, there are safety measures you must observe. One is to ensure that all the guards and shields are in their proper places. Another tip is to ensure that the transmission is not in neutral mode when you are moving down a steep slope. And for the safety of others, no one should remain down the slope when the mower is in operation. This is because the mower might get out of control or flip over and cause harm to the people who are down the slope.

On top of cutting grass at a much shorter time, flail mowers also minimize bunching and have a low tendency of throwing objects like rocks during mowing.

So the next time you get home from vacation and find that the grass in your yard has grown almost to your height, you shouldn't fret much if you have these mowing tips at your fingertips.