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Why You May Lose Your EWP Licence

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People who are planning to obtain an elevating work platform (EWP) licence need to know that it can be suspended or cancelled if the licensing authority discovers circumstances that warrant such an action. This article discusses some of the reasons that may result in the suspension or cancellation of your EWP licence.

Use of false information

You may have your EWP licence suspended or cancelled if it is discovered that you provided misleading or false information as you acquired that licence. For example, many jurisdictions have age restrictions as a requirement for obtaining the licence. Falsifying your identification documents in order to acquire the EWP licence before you reach the minimum age can result in a cancellation of that licence once the falsification is discovered. It is therefore very important for you to provide accurate information when you apply for this licence.

Lack of competence

It is also possible for your EWP licence to be suspended or cancelled in case the authorities consider you to be someone who lacks the knowledge or skills to operate the equipment (such as a boom lift) for which you obtained that licence. For instance, getting involved in several accidents arising from your mistakes as an operator can result in the suspension or cancellation of your EWP licence. You can avoid such an eventuality by following all the guidelines and procedures that you were taught before you obtained the licence. In this way, you will always act competently in all situations that arise during your work as an operator of an elevating work platform.

Training at an organization that is not credible

The problems faced by the training organisation from which you obtained a certificate of attainment can also lead to a suspension or cancellation of your licence. A statement of attainment is the document that is issued to confirm that you underwent training, were tested and found to have all the required knowledge and skills expected from a competent operator of elevating work platforms. Your licence can, therefore, be suspended or cancelled in case the authorities sanction or de-register the training organisation for unacceptable conduct.

It is evident that obtaining an elevating work platform licence does not guarantee that you will have it for life. You need to avoid any actions or omissions that can cause you to lose that licence. The best way to get started is by identifying a reputable training facility so that you can be equipped with all the skills and knowledge that you will need to avoid blemishes upon your record as an operator of EWPs.