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Factors to Consider when Renting a Crane Borer

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Whether it is boring holes for electricity poles or foundation piles, a crane borer is well suited for these types of projects. It is one piece of construction equipment that can make your construction firm stand out from the competition because of increased productivity and quick turnaround of projects. However, crane borers are not your average construction equipment -- they don't come cheap. Therefore, renting a crane borer is more feasible compared to buying. That said, you need to consider some critical factors before renting the equipment to ensure that you lease a crane borer that aligns with your project requirements.

The Terrain of the Project Site -- Different project sites means that operators are navigating and boring shafts in varying ground conditions. Therefore, it is vital to consider the topography of a project site before hiring a crane borer. For instance, if the project is on uneven or shifting terrain, you need to hire a tracked crane borer. The reason is that a wheeled crane borer won't remain stable on uneven ground during the drilling process even when fitted with outriggers. However, with a tracked crane borer, you can navigate rough terrain with relative ease and complete the boring project on time because of the stable working platform.

Available Space on the Project Site -- Project sites varies regarding accessibility and space. Some worksites are tight and small while others are expansive and allow a lot of movement from construction equipment. You need to have this information with you before hiring a crane borer. If, for instance, you are contracted to drill a water bore in a relatively small backyard, the chances are that an eight-wheeled crane borer truck will not be practical for such a project. The location needs a small crane borer with ground control capabilities or radio remote control. Such cranes fit in small spaces and still manage to bore holes to the required depth efficiently. Therefore, ensure that you know the limitations of a project site regarding the working area.

Additional Accessories -- What kind of accessories will make a boring project easy for you? It is another question that you need to ask yourself when shopping for a rental crane borer. The reason is that different firms approach the issue differently. Some crane borer service providers accessorise their cranes adequately while others leave it to the client. For example, you might be contracted to bore holes and erect electric poles in an area with dense vegetation. In this case, it is impractical to have a second truck loaded with poles accompanying the crane borer. It is easier to hire a crane borer that is fitted with a pole cradle. You can then load two or three poles onto the cradle for easy access by the crane. It is good practice to rent an already accessorised crane borers.