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Two Critical Considerations When Hiring Construction Scaffolding For The First Time

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If you are about to engage in a construction project that will involve working at an elevated height at some point, your project cannot do without scaffolding. Over the years, advancements in scaffolding systems have made them invaluable for a majority of projects as they not only help in enhancing the overall productivity of your team but they also ensure that your workers are at minimal risk of injury when carrying out their duties. However, hiring a scaffolding system is not as simple as coming up with a budget and sticking to it. There is a range of different construction scaffolding systems that are available and your decision will be based on an array of different factors. To help you start narrowing down your options, here are two critical considerations to have when hiring construction scaffolding for the first time.

Consider the aspects that characterise your project

The first step towards determining what type of scaffolding would be ideally suited to your needs is by identifying the main aspects that characterise your project. Establishing the various categories that your project would fall under will go a long way in narrowing down your options since some scaffolding systems would simply not work in specific scenarios. For example, the first thing that you could do is determine if the project will be carried out indoors or outdoors. If the scaffolding is going to be utilised indoors during the project, you will focus your search on compact scaffolding systems are easily foldable and portable too.

Consider the strength of the scaffolding system

The second consideration to have in mind when making a selection of construction scaffolding systems to hire is the required strength for your specific system. The strength of the scaffolding is what will determine how many workers can be working on the platform at any given time since different types of systems will support varying weight maximums. In addition to the combined weight of the employees required on the platform, you should also factor in the weight of construction equipment and building supplies that will need to be on the platform too.

To assist you with these calculations, you should inform the equipment provider of the maximum weight the scaffolding should be capable of supporting. Furthermore, you should also investigate the base of the various scaffolding systems that you are deliberating on. A strong scaffolding system will be characterised by a solid base that is sturdy enough to support the weight of workers and materials on the platform while ensuring the scaffolding system is stable.

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