Cost-Saving Tips for Buying, Hiring and Owning Heavy Construction Equipment

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Why You May Lose Your EWP Licence

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People who are planning to obtain an elevating work platform (EWP) licence need to know that it can be suspended or cancelled if the licensing authority discovers circumstances that warrant such an action. This article discusses some of the reasons that may result in the suspension or cancellation of your EWP licence. Use of false information You may have your EWP licence suspended or cancelled if it is discovered that you provided misleading or false information as you acquired that licence. Read More»

5 Special Types of Forklifts to Consider Buying Used

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If you’re looking at used forklifts for sale, you may be surprised at all the potential options. If you want something a bit more exciting than the standard forklift, here’s a look at some types you may want to consider. Each of these types of used forklifts works for different situations. 1. Explosion Proof Forklifts Whether they are new or used, explosion proof forklifts are designed for use in areas that have a lot of hazardous materials. Read More»

Three factors to consider when purchasing new seats for heavy construction equipment

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There are several factors which need to be taken into account before purchasing new seat systems for your heavy construction equipment. Read on to find out what these are: Ergonomics Operators of heavy construction equipment often need to drive these vehicles for several hours at a time; as such, it is vital that the seating systems offer a high level of comfort. If they do not, the operator may struggle to focus on their work and remain productive; a person who is forced to sit on a seat that is too hard or which does not provide enough support for their back or arms will soon begin to feel sore and achy, potentially to the point where they cannot perform their job correctly or efficiently. Read More»

Key Factors That Impact the Cost of Hiring Truck-Mounted Cranes

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If you need to hire a crane for a construction job in an emergency situation, truck-mounted cranes would be an ideal choice because they can be easily delivered to the worksite, thanks to their mobility. But just like other types of crane equipment available for hire, not all truck-mounted cranes are created exactly the same. For that reason, crane rental companies charge different rates depending on the type of truck-mounted crane required. Read More»