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Residential Renovation: Choosing the Best Earthmoving MachineryType

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There are different forms of renovation that you can perform in your home to improve your property value and enhance aesthetics. These include adding a structural extension, installing new paving and building outdoor structure. If you are planning on carrying out these types of projects, you will need to hire an ideal earthmoving system to prepare the ground. The right machinery for your home will depend on the excavation requirements for the improvement work. Here are the most beneficial types of earthmoving machines for small-scale residential renovations.


The excavator is the standard earthmoving equipment for construction work. This machinery is versatile and widely available in rental shops, and you can get compact configurations if your property space is small. You can perform a wide range of renovation tasks with the excavator as long as you acquire different attachments from your supplier. The bucket is ideal for creating trenches and for general exaction work while the auger will drill holes for post installation. The breaker can excavate hard ground and the grader attachment will level rough ground. You can also get mower and grappling tooling depending on the extent of your renovation.

Backhoe Digger

The backhoe is notable for its ability to perform earthmoving work in confined spaces. Therefore, it is the perfect alternative to an excavator if you think that manoeuvrability will be difficult. This type of heavy machinery has a tractor-like configuration and the digger bucket is attached to the main body. The backhoe digger can also be acquired as an attachment and used with a tractor. However, this configuration is not as strong as the dedicated alternative and navigating can be difficult. If you plan on performing the same range of excavation work, inquire about a backhoe digger which is compatible with other attachments.


The bulldozer is not intended for exaction, but it is highly effective in moving large quantities of material during renovations. Basically, this type of heavy machinery consists of two distinct tools: the shovelling blade and the ripper. The blade is essentially a metal plate which is designed to push rock, soil and gravel to clear the land, especially after excavation. The ripper has a claw-like tool that breaks apart compacted materials on the ground for easier shovelling. You should note that bulldozers are normally fitted with continuous crawler tracks. These can be inconvenient since you must hire a truck for transportation. Moreover, the tracks can damage the ground in your yard, necessitating major rehabilitation after the renovation work.

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