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What You Need to Know About Getting a Driver's License in Queensland

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In Queensland, you often need to get a special type of operator's or driver's license for various types of vehicles. This can include anything lightweight like a motorcycle, and especially anything heavy-duty and oversized. There are also some restrictions for driving if you're not physically capable. Note a few common vehicles that are on the road and the class of license needed, and a few other things to remember about getting a driver's license in Queensland.

1. Class C Car and motorcycles

A Class C Car license allows you to operate any type of standard car as well as an electric moped; note that mopeds are different than motorcycles, as a moped refers to something with a motor that cannot go more than 50kmh. A moped can mean an electric motor or an internal combustion motor, so don't assume it's only electric bikes that are covered. An RE license is for motorcycles; note that you can drive a moped with this type of license, but you need this license for actual motorcycles and it doesn't cover driving cars.

2. Buses and trucks

A minivan or small bus that carries only 12 passengers or less can be driven with a Class C Car license, but anything over 8 tons needs to have a Rigid License. This also applies to trucks that are up to two axles. If the bus you're driving is articulated meaning it can bend in the middle, this would require a Heavy Rigid License. For any truck over two axles, you need what is called a Heavy Combination or HC license, which you can get through a place like All Onsite Training and Assessment. Having additional axles means your truck is no longer rigid and cannot be driven with the Rigid License, so be sure you understand this difference.

3. Medical conditions

To operate any type of vehicle in Queensland, you need to be physically healthy and capable of staying safe when on the road. Medical conditions that may require a note from your physician as to your overall health might include a history of seizures or blackouts, heart disease, epilepsy, hearing disorders, a history of stroke, and vision problems. Alcohol or drug dependency may also require you to have a doctor's clearance to get your license.

Note that these medical problems need to be reported to the State once you know of them, regardless of the type of license you have or when you're ready to renew your license. Drivers over the age of 75 must also have a valid health certificate when driving, no matter the type of license they have.