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Key Factors That Impact the Cost of Hiring Truck-Mounted Cranes

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If you need to hire a crane for a construction job in an emergency situation, truck-mounted cranes would be an ideal choice because they can be easily delivered to the worksite, thanks to their mobility. But just like other types of crane equipment available for hire, not all truck-mounted cranes are created exactly the same. For that reason, crane rental companies charge different rates depending on the type of truck-mounted crane required.

Here's a rundown of some top factors that may determine mobile crane quotes:

Working capabilities of the equipment

The operating capacity of a truck-mounted crane is determined by its lifting potential and the maximum height it can reach. Truck-mounted cranes are rated for lifting capacity depending on the weight of the loads they can lift up. The heavier the loads to be carried, the greater the lifting capacity of the machine needed and vice versa. The greater the heights that will need to be reached, the greater the maximum height limit of the equipment should be. Generally speaking, truck-mounted cranes with greater load-carrying capacities and vertical reach attract top rental rates.

Location of your job site

Before you can use a rented truck-mounted crane, you will need to have it delivered to your construction job location. For that reason, the cost of hire usually includes the cost of transport from the location where the equipment is kept awaiting rental to your job site. The longer the distance to be covered, the higher the transport costs incurred, hence the quote goes up. With that said, it is a good idea for renters to hire the truck-mounted crane they need for a local provider.

How old the equipment is

The age of a truck-mounted crane can also affect its rental cost. Older equipment that has been used by many past customers are usually offered for rental at lower rates compared to the latest equipment added to the available fleet. This is because the newer the equipment, the lower the value of depreciation it has, and vice versa. All the equipment in the fleet are normally kept in good working order, regardless of their age. So you can be sure to hire equipment that will ensure safe and efficient operation.

If you have specific concerns regarding the quote that you get from a crane rental company, you should have them addressed before you can have the truck-mounted crane you need to use delivered at your construction location.