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Crane Rental Tips

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A crane can significantly ease your construction site operations. Ideally, the equipment helps you lift construction materials as you build a multi-storey building. Most contractors are torn between crane hire and purchase. In most cases, crane hire is a viable solution for most contractors since they do not incur significant costs. Moreover, it allows them to use different cranes at the site. So, what should you consider when renting a crane? Below are some tips. 

Start by checking the construction program to determine the type of crane required at the site. In most cases, you will need different cranes to perform various tasks. For instance, carry deck cranes are compact and versatile cranes used to carry and hoist small loads at the site. You will need a crane with a longer boom and higher load capacity as the structure grows. You have several options. For instance, you could use a telescopic, tower or crawler crane. Telescopic and crawler cranes are mobile; hence they are easy to set up and can be moved from one location to the next. However, tower cranes have advanced capabilities since they can grow hundreds of meters above the ground, making them an excellent choice for contractors building skyscrapers. The ground conditions at the site could also compel you to hire specific cranes. For example, rough terrain cranes suit sites with rocky and muddy terrain. You will need a floating crane when building on a water body. 

You must also assess the crane's features and condition. Besides the load and height specifications, you should also examine the crane's engine. For instance, does the engine have sufficient torque and horsepower to lift the loads? What is the engine's reliability? The general rule is to consider cranes with reliable engines that do not need maintenance and repairs after running for a few years. Conduct visual checks to ascertain the crane's condition. For instance, leaks could be a sign of poor maintenance. Besides, assess the brake lines, hydraulic pump and wire rope. Ask the rental company for repair and maintenance records to ensure the crane does not need urgent repairs. 

What are the crane rental costs? Review the company's quote to establish how it breaks down its charges. As a best practice, you should negotiate these costs before signing the rental contract. For instance, you could ask the company to offer free transport and maintenance. You could also ask it to discount the standard charges when the equipment is not in use.

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