Cost-Saving Tips for Buying, Hiring and Owning Heavy Construction Equipment

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Mowing Tips: Tips For Tackling Long Grass

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Vacation, heavy rainfall or simply lack of motivation can all factor in as to why your grass overgrown. But no matter the reason, you have to deal with the long grass. Cutting long grass with your push mower is not a simple task because the grass may clog the blades of the mower and slow down your speed. So what can you do to make the job a little bit easier? Read More»

What You Need to Know About Getting a Driver's License in Queensland

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In Queensland, you often need to get a special type of operator’s or driver’s license for various types of vehicles. This can include anything lightweight like a motorcycle, and especially anything heavy-duty and oversized. There are also some restrictions for driving if you’re not physically capable. Note a few common vehicles that are on the road and the class of license needed, and a few other things to remember about getting a driver’s license in Queensland. Read More»

Residential Renovation: Choosing the Best Earthmoving MachineryType

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There are different forms of renovation that you can perform in your home to improve your property value and enhance aesthetics. These include adding a structural extension, installing new paving and building outdoor structure. If you are planning on carrying out these types of projects, you will need to hire an ideal earthmoving system to prepare the ground. The right machinery for your home will depend on the excavation requirements for the improvement work. Read More»

3 Important Questions to Ask When Renting Heavy-Duty Tools and Equipment

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Renting heavy-duty tools and equipment can allow you to handle certain jobs at home that would otherwise require a contractor; you can save money by renting the equipment instead and ensure the job gets done right and according to your schedule when you manage it yourself. When you are ready to rent some heavy-duty pieces, note a few important questions to ask the equipment hire company. This will ensure you get the right equipment and know what’s involved in its rental. Read More»

Barges For Marine Archeology: 2 FAQs

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Barges are self-propelling or non-self-propelling water vessels that feature a flat bottom. They are used for the transportation of bulky goods across a water body. They’re also used as mounting platforms for heavy construction equipment such as long-reach excavators used for underwater excavations and related construction activities. This article provides answers to three questions about the use of barges for the benefit of future marine archeologists. What Types Of Barges Are Available For Marine Archeological Excavations? Read More»

Preventing Rust on Your Hydraulic Cylinders

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Vehicles and many other pieces of equipment usually have hydraulic cylinders. If you own any machinery, motor vehicles, or equipment that has a hydraulic cylinder, one of the things you should be concerned about is pitting and corrosion of your rods. If your hydraulic cylinder rods are exposed to conditions that favour pitting or corrosion, for instance, if an equipment with a hydraulic cylinder is rarely used or if it’s stored outside, the rods could corrode and getting them back to their condition by re-polishing won’t be easy. Read More»